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Dell M1000e 4x M820 8x M630 Server 2TB RAM 16x 600GB 15K SAS


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Brand Dell                                        
Model PowerEdge M1000e
M820 Blades 4
M630 Blades 8
CPU 16x E5-4640 (M820's), 16x E5-2630v3 (M630's)
RAM 4x 256GB DDR3 (M820's), 8x 128GB DDR4 (M630's)
Number of Drives 16x 600GB 15K SAS (M630's only)
Chassis Switch Modules

2x 16 Port Ethernet Pass-Thru

4x Poweredge M I/O Aggregator (see notes)

Chassis Management


1x 0K036D KVM


6x 3000W (F3000E-S0)

Fans 9

PowerEdge M I/O Aggregator extends the consolidation benefits of virtualization by replacing multiple GbE NICs, mezzanine cards, and switches with fewer, higher-bandwidth 10GbE NICs and I/O modules per blade chassis.

Take advantage of 10GbE capability to meet the bandwidth demands of multi-core CPUs and to build your server capacity without overprovisioning your data center.


No raid card for M820's, Duel SD card only.


The Dell™ PowerEdge™ M1000e Modular Blade Enclosure is the rock-solid foundation for Dell’s
blade server architecture, providing an extremely reliable, flexible and efficient platform for building
any IT infrastructure. The M1000e enclosure is built from the ground up to combat data center
sprawl and IT complexity, delivering one of the most energy efficient, flexible and manageable blade
server implementations on the market.
Leading energy efficiency
The M1000e enclosure takes advantage of its world-class design by coupling ultra-efficient power
supplies with large variable-speed fans and optimized airflow to effectively cool the entire chassis
while using less power.
Effortless scalability
Only Dell provides complete, scale-on-demand switch designs. With additional I/O slots and switch
options, you have the flexibility you need to meet ever-increasing demands for I/O consumption.
Plus, Dell’s FlexIO modular switch technology lets you easily scale to provide additional uplink and
stacking functionality — no need to waste your current investment with a “rip and replace” upgrade.
Easy-to-use, powerful management tools
The M1000e helps reduce the cost and complexity of managing computing resources so you can
focus on growing your business or managing your organization with features such as:
 Centralized Chassis Management Controller (CMC) modules for redundant, secure access paths
for IT administrators to manage multiple enclosures and blades from a single interface.
 Dynamic and granular power management so you have the capability to set power thresholds to
help ensure your blades operate within your specific power envelope.
 Real-time reporting for enclosure and blade power consumption, as well as the ability to
prioritize blade slots for power, providing you with optimal control over power resources. 

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  • Blades
  • Power Cables
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  • 3-Month Return to Base Warranty

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